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    releases September 24, 2014

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Hybrid Leisureland's announcement of his plan to digital release three albums this year excited his fans around the globe. With the second one, which has just become available, Hybrid Leisureland, or Hidetoshi Koizumi, will bring you to the world of his new soundscape you have never experienced before.

The sound of his music appears different depending on which place or mood you are in. It first seems neutrally balanced, but one will soon come to realize there is something more about it; Like nothing is perfect from the beginning, his music will be completed only when each listener takes part in it -- at least that's what he is up to.


releases September 24, 2014

During Interval

Why do we limit our world and our existence in a limited space?
No one has ever told us to do so…

Domain of definition

Language, culture and nation define or fix our perception
But we can all connect beyond borders and barriers. At least I believe that.

Have it

This tune is about good times I spent with a lot of friends, the memories that I wanted to put into music rather than taking pictures.
Hasn't everyone had a precious time with friends?

Sugar Cube

The box shines with sickly whitish gleam
Such a nice box
Dropping from the box is sweet honey
But the box stops giving out honey as more people crave for it
They try to soothe the box in panic
The box says, "I'm already empty"

Swing Sleep Smile

Dreaming time, a private and priceless moment that everyone indulges

Thinking of you

Priceless words.

Mirror dose not know its face

Mirror reflects humans and things, only surfaces
Who am I really?

Silver Silk

Falling down slowly, with sounds
It continues to drop quietly, like a string

fourth myself

Three people are playing the piano
This tune is incomplete. You become the fourth person to play the piano and complete it. Yes, it is your music.

Civilian Control



The past is a precious property and memory.
There is only the future in front of me.
Where you are standing right now is connected to the future and brings you to any corner of the world.
The possibility is infinite!



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hybrid leisureland Lyon, France

Hybrid Leisureland, or Hidetoshi Koizumi, debuted in 2010 with his first album "scroll slide" released from a French label Ultimae records, followed by his second album "variable" in 2012.

In a gentle sound he expresses, one can also feel a sense of loneliness, happiness and a hope, along with his intention to defy any labels put on his music.
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